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November 9, 2007 / ranacse05

Underground Party

Hello every body.This is not that what u r thinking.This is a party of us.I mean we r Underground a group of 20 future Engineers of RUET.We start our RUET life & our Hamid Hall life together.We’ll try to stay together whole life.In bad day we try to stay together and in any ones joy we celebrate together.I think this kind of Unity is very rear in our country.BTW we start our Hamid Hall life in 9/11 2006 but in this year 9/11 is a busy day of everyone of us so we celebrate it last night.Some snaps r available in my flicker account.


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  1. shamimcse05 / Dec 5 2007 6:37 pm

    Tor blog dekhe mone hoy tui boss,,asole tui so advance amra ja mathai ante pari na tui ta kore dekhas. go ahead rana go ahead>>>>>>>>>

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