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October 27, 2008 / ranacse05

Book Review : Learning PHP Data Objects

Learning PHP Data Objects, by Dennis Popel, is an introduction to PDO. I like this book. A real world example – Library management is here. Its very easy to read and understand.

This book is very much useful to the beginner of PDO. Dennis Popel discusses details of the PDO , In the beginning you will see how to connect the database using Mysql, Sqlite ,PG sql and with the PDO .

Then he start to discuss the details of the PDO using that Library Management project . There are some useful function in the book .

One of the most important chapter of this book is Chapter 3 : Error Handling , in this chapter you will found every kind of errors and how to handle them .

Next chapters are on the Prepare Statement , and Handling Rowsets , These chapters has also some nice example to understand the PDO .

Chapter 6 and 7 is very important. They named Advance PDO Usage and An Advance Example. There are also a lots of nice real world examples. But the main thing is every chapter is very much readable . Any learner will find it very much easy to understand .

All the example of this book follows the MVC of PHP. But when I saw there is a chapter named Introduction to OOP in PHP I just amazed ! This will help you a lot if u don’t have any idea about the OOP of PHP.


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