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The projects i did is listed below.

1st Semester:
Calendar by C [Assigned by teacher].

2nd Semester:
Small Banking Software by C [Own project].
Official web site of RUET [Me & Nuhil]

3rd Semester:
Blood Bank software by php+mysql [Own project]
Printer Port Access by C (in XP,98) [Assigned as course CSE-300]

4th Semester:

Poll system by php+mysql [Own project]
Web site of RUET Programmers Association [Own project] (Online Shop) [Freelancing]
Demojoomla (Joomla Demo) [Own Project]
Joomla Extension by JavaScript [Own Project]
MyRUET Facebook Application [Own Project]
Web Site of CSE,RUET [Assigned by Teacher]

5th semester: [Freelancing]
Online Judge Tool [Assigned as course CSE-500] (online shop) [Office work Me & Pasha]
Accounting Software by php+mysql+ajax [Office work Me & Pasha] [Office work Me & Pasha]
JobberBase Localization [Assigned by Hasin Bhai & Omi Bhai]
Wap Content Uploader By CodeIgniter [Office Work]



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  1. shamimcse05 / Mar 5 2008 7:56 am

    Please submit your all day’s activities in your blog that will help us.

  2. ranacse05 / Mar 6 2008 6:52 am

    🙂 visit my twitter

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